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Cornelia Ebert to the Homepage of Cornelia Ebert (née Endriss).

I am a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Linguistics (Germanic and English Studies), University of Stuttgart.

My research interests are centered around the question of modeling and processing natural language. I am particularly interested in formal semantics and pragmatics, and the semantics-pragmatics interface - information structure, quantification, indefiniteness, and specificity in particular.

At the moment, I am working on multimodal aspects of language and my work is focused on speech-accompanying gestures and how their meaning contribution interacts with the semantic content of the speech signal. For this project I was awarded the Caroline von Humboldt Prize of the Humboldt-University, Berlin.

Institut für Linguistik / Germanistik (ILG)
Universtät Stuttgart
Postfach 10 60 37
70049 Stuttgart
cornelia.ebert AT ling.uni-stuttgart DOT de

I am the president and a founder of durcheinander e.V., a non-profit association for the inclusion of (mentally) disabled people.

My horse riding tour through France and Spain in 2002.